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Fourteen of the best Judo & BJJ Facebook Groups/Pages

If you are like me, you can't get enough of everything grappling. Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Wrestling, Sumo...the list goes on. What most people might not know is that there is a wealth of pages and groups on Facebook dedicated to bringing you an endless supply of high quality grappling content. When I first discovered this it actually became a big problem for my non-grappler Facebook friends. I was liking and sharing so much grappling related posts that my friends had a "Facebook Intervention" and convinced me to put all of my grappling related posts into a private group so they didn't have to see them on their feed. Funny story...

Over the last year I have continued to build that group, I Love Grappling, where I and other friends post quality content we find. This has led me to find some of the best groups and pages on Facebook for the Judo/BJJ/Grappling addicted.

In alphabetical order (Click title or image to visit group/page. Once there you can join the group or like the page to start following their posts):

This is one of the most active BJJ groups on Facebook and a great community for grapplers over 40 years old. If you ever have a question about how to approach a particular subject, deal with injuries or train well into your golden years this is the place to come.

The ADCC page has some of the freshest content and videos bringing you quality gi, no-gi and MMA related grappling posts. A great page to nerd out on.

The official page of Olympian Sensei Matt D'Aquino's Beyond Grappling brand. This page brings the mind of Sensei Matt to Facebook where you will always find interesting Judo videos, diet, exercise and other advice.

This page brings you everything from BJJ videos, to memes to BJJ gossip. It's not for everyone but if you like hearing about the latest feud between Gordon Ryan and whoever he is facing next then this is the page for you.

BJJ Spot is a video powerhouse. They post fresh interesting videos of everything from match highlights to mini instructional videos multiple times a day.

Great content, especially videos, posted very regularly.

One of the best BJJ podcasts and blog producers on the intertubes.

The official page of the IJF. There are few places on Facebook where you will find as in-depth of information regarding Judo happenings around the world.

(Shameless plug) My group. If you don't have time to go join any or all of the groups listed, come join I love Grappling where other people curate and post only the best content from the above groups/pages and many more. Anyone can join and post, come be part of the community!

One of my personal favorites, all takedowns, all the time. If you fiend for huge throws you need this in your life.

Judo crazy provides up to date information and highlights on the most recent international competitions along with blog articles and all things Judo.

Want to see the BIGGEST and BADEST throws? Go here.

Olympian Sensei Travis Stevens official page. Sensei Travis regularly posts original blog articles that have a unique take on modern Judo. A must read, especially for those in the United States.

Lots of great BJJ related videos here from podcasts to instructionals and MMA highlights. Great media resource.

For the meme addict: This page is prolific in the amount of content it posts on a regular basis and usually includes a lot of BJJ/Judo/Grappling related memes.

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