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Karate Practice in the Field

Discover the Art of Judo at Rochester Judo

Conveniently located near Seneca Park in Rochester NY, our Judo club makes students successful both inside and outside the martial arts dojo. We provide a fun and safe environment which sharpens both the mind and the body. We also work to help integrate Judo into other martial arts like Brazilian JuJitsu (BJJ)  to help practitioners from all arts increase their effectiveness.

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Why Judo?



Judo is a fantastic form of exercise that will help you lose weight, build muscle, get flexible and improve your endurance. The reason Judo is so effective is that it works nearly every part of your body during intense parts of the workout, similar to High-Intensity-Interval-Training. The best part is it does all of this without ever feeling like you are "exercising".



Judo is a tremendous confidence builder. Judoka learn how to harness their minds and their bodies to do things they may have never expected they were capable of. It helps individuals learn how to overcome their fears and control their emotions and impulses. Judo also teaches valuable social skills and creates meaningful relationships with others.

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Judo is very detail oriented and to be effective when practicing Judo you must sharpen your mind as much as you strengthen your body. Learning Judo will make you look at problems in a different light, and approach challenges both inside and outside the dojo in a new and enlightened way. Many practitioners say Judo has helped them tremendously in their professionals and personal lives by helping them to be more mindful and learning that there are many ways to solve a problem.

Chief Instructor: Sensei Casey Jordan

Casey started training in the martial arts at the age of 5 and began serious Judo training in 2000. He received his black belt from Sensei Heiko Rommelmann in 2009. A competitor at heart, Casey focused his training on competition Judo competing successfully at the international level. For the last 10 years, he has been working hard to refine his teaching and coaching strategies to help the next generation of Judo athletes in Rochester NY reach new levels.

Casey also holds a brown belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu and often helps coach BJJ practitioners on how to better utilize Judo throws and takedowns to improve their advantages in BJJ competition.


Free Trial

Week free trial, academy will provide everything you need such as uniform, safety instruction etc. If they don’t want to jump right in they can come out to just watch a class. After free trial we have some of the most affordable rates for martial arts in rochester $80/m



Love it here. Sensei Casey is a great teacher. Always finds an excellent way of instructing each individual. Very welcoming environment with all great people to work out with.

 ― Dillon T.


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