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Conveniently located near Seneca Park in Rochester NY, our Judo club makes students successful both inside and outside the martial arts dojo. We provide a fun and safe environment which sharpens both the mind and the body. We also work to help integrate Judo into other martial arts like Brazilian JuJitsu (BJJ)  to help practitioners from all arts increase their effectiveness.

Come be part of our strong team!

Dillon testimonial

Dillon T.

Wheatland, NY

Love it here. Sensei Casey is a great teacher. Always finds an excellent way of instructing each individual. Very welcoming environment with all great people to work out with.

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Dominic testimonial

Dominic D.

Webster, NY

I consider myself lucky to have a Judo teacher like Sensei Casey, he is very flexible and is willing to work with you. The learning environment is amazing. Sensei evenly distributes time between all students no matter their skill level, and at the same time gets techniques done in class.

Brian testimonial

Bryan R.


Henrietta, NY

This is the best Judo instruction in Rochester. Casey and his team are very knowledgeable, very accomplished, and very technical. They [..] are able to link Judo to other grappling arts as Casey also practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 


Class Schedule


We provide a number of fun and energetic martial arts classes that are not only a great workout but will improve your confidence, sharpen your skills as well as develop strategies and tactics for competition.


New students: Your first week is free!

Adult Judo


Tuesday 6:00pm-7:30pm        

Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm      

Classes focus on the technical aspects of Judo techniques helping you to learn everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Classes start with a warm-up, followed by drills, then instruction, and ends with light live sparring (Randori). Every class you will get a great workout, refine your skills, learn something new, and test your technique in live sparring with your teammates. 


Whether you've just started doing Judo or been doing it for 30 years, you'll always have fun improving your skills at our classes.


Suitable for ages 13+ (Exceptions can be made for younger participants by Chief Instructor)


News & Events

Fall Promotions!


Congratulations to Brennan, Dominic, Dakota, and Macey on their promotions!



Featured Article


Looking for Judo games to play with your kids, check out our latest article: Best kids games for Judo & BJJ


Chief Instructor: Sensei Casey Jordan

Chief instructor Sensei Casey Jordan

Casey started training in the martial arts at the age of 5 and began serious Judo training in 2000. He received his black belt from Sensei Heiko Rommelmann in 2009. A competitor at heart, Casey focused his training on competition Judo competing successfully at the international level. For the last 10 years, he has been working hard to refine his teaching and coaching strategies to help the next generation of Judo athletes in Rochester NY reach new levels.

Casey also holds a brown belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu and often helps coach BJJ practitioners on how to better utilize Judo throws and takedowns to improve their advantages in BJJ competition. 



Motivators, Educators, Mentors


In addition to our core coaching staff below, Rochester Judo also often has guest instructors from other disciplines

bring in new perspectives to support our goals of forming well-rounded Judoka and submission grapplers. 

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