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Fall Promotions! - How adult ranking works at Rochester Judo

Congratulations to our adult students promoted at the recent promotional! These individuals have been working extremely hard this year, and did fantastic on their examinations: Leigh Strimple Shichikyu (Yellow Belt) Dillon Tayor Shichikyu (Yellow Belt) Dominic DelVecchio Rokyu (Orange Belt) Brennan Strimple Gokyu (Green Belt).

How does Adult ranking work at Rochester Judo?

At Rochester Judo, we feel that our method of ranking students is extremely consistent, transparent, and produces students with a high level of knowledge.

We approach ranking like a university would approach teaching skills to students. For each rank students receive a well documented syllabus. This outlines requirements so they know exactly what techniques they have to work on, as well as minimum classes/time-in-grade etc. Unlike some martial arts where a student has to wait until an instructor *feels* they are ready, we provide a transparent roadmap and ensure there is no mystery involved in the process. Additionally, an instructor personally spends 30 minutes before every class working with students on their specific requirements, answering questions and ensuring students attain a high level of proficiency.

When a student is ready, they will take a graded exam on the material for their rank by a board of examiners. These exams are relatively stress free as by the time students are ready to test they are very confident in their techniques. Doing a official examination is beneficial to students because it ensures a consistent standard and that the material is truly remembered for years to come. After the exam students are provided a copy of their examination so they can see things the did well and things they may need to improve on or other notes from the examiners.

We find this takes a lot of stress out of the process, sets goals up front, and lets students know that instructors are there to make sure they succeed! If you are interested in becoming one of our successful students make sure to come out and try a class, we are confident you will love it!

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