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Eight of the best Tai-Otoshi instructional videos on the internet

Tai-Otoshi is one of the highest percentage throws in Judo, but also one of the most difficult because the off-balance and entry is unlike most forward judo throws. It demands keeping space between you and your opponent while creating off-balance. These are some of the best videos I have found that outline the details needed to use Tai-Otoshi successfully in Judo or BJJ competition.

Drop Knee Tai-Otoshi with Sensei Wang Ki Chun

We get a look at how world champion Sensei Wang Ki Chun executes a powerful drop knee version of Tai-Otoshi which has a very fast entry and is difficult to defend.

In Depth Tai-Otoshi with Sensei Matt D'Aquino

Sensei Matt outlines some tweaks and setups he applies to Tai-Otoshi that uses the same stepping sequence for other forward throws like Uchi-Mata and Harai-Goshi. These versions, which are different from the classical Tai-Otoshi, are less demanding in how much space you have to create and how far your leg must reach across your opponent. I've had many students use these strategies when classical Tai-Otoshi is not working for them.

Sensei Neil Adams Tai-Otoshi seminar

Sensei Adams gives a great overview of Tai-Otoshi at one of his seminars. He specifically talks a lot about common mistakes and how to correct them.

Sensei Nick Delpopolo Tai-Otoshi setups

Sensei Delpopolo shows some really nice setups for Tai-Otoshi. The "Sticky Foot" setup is one of my personal favorites and have used it many times to create the opening for Tai-Otoshi when fighting Left v. Right.

Sensei Nick Delpopolo lateral moving Tai-Otoshi

Another great video from Sensei Delpopolo where he outlines how to catch your opponent with Tai-Otoshi as they are moving laterally. This is a high percentage version that takes advantage of your opponents movement to get off balance instead of having to create it via setups or combinations.

Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Tai-Otoshi with Sensei Jimmy Pedro

Silver Olympic medalist Sensei Jimmy Pedro shows a a great version of Tai-Otoshi specifically adapted for use in BJJ compeition

Sensei Neil Adams Korean wrist grip Tai-Otoshi

This wrist grip version of Tai-Otoshi is another personal favorite, it allows for a very strong control of your opponents arm to create powerful off-balance.

Sensei Jeon Ki Young O-Uchi to Tai-Otoshi combination

World champion Jeon Ki Young shows a powerful and elegant O-Uchi-Gari setup to Tai-Otoshi.

I hope everyone enjoyed these videos, if you have a personal favorite please post them in the comments for everyone to enjoy!

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